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We advice players in their careers and we are willing to answer all open questions. You want to know what is expected from a professional Basketball player, you need help in a decision-making process, you don’t know how to find an agent or you’ re not sure what to expect from living overseas – we are here for you! Any questions can be asked. However, we are not an agency and won’t contact teams for you or place you on a team.

  • Initial Conversation

    In an initial conversation you have the opportunity to get to know more about us and gain an insight into our work. The first talk will be free of charge.

    Free of charge

  • Player Consultation

    In further meetings, we will provide advice and answer all questions you might have.

    Rookies 20 € / hour
    Pros 40 € / hour

    * All players that haven’t played at least 5 games professionally overseas are considered rookies *

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